Arms S510 XS .22 Review – Air Arms has given their mainstay airgun a major upgrade.  The new S510 XS now sports all the high-end features of the previous S510, but now adds in a regulator.  So where the original S510 FAC (high power model) would get 30 to 40 shots on full power, the new model is getting 70+ shots from 250 bar down to 150 bar.  That’s a LOT more in the tank for all day shooting out in the field or at the range.  The extreme spread across all 70 shots was about 40 fps with a standard deviation of under 10 FPS.  The bottom line is that the new S510 XS really takes the S510 platform to the next level in performance.  The beauty, accuracy, and build quality are all still top of the line, what we’ve come to love and expect from Air Arms!

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