,This time, I\’ll be chronograph testing .22 and .25 caliber H&N Hornet pellets! They\’re a bit on the heavy side as pellets go. But I\’ll just have to see what they really do vs the various claims made. They\’re also supposed to be the best in regard to penetration? I\’d love to get the stuff to make gelatin blocks to test that as well. But, we\’ll just have to settle for chronograph numbers this time. The .22 Hornets will be tested in the Hatsan Striker 1000x. the .25 Hornets will be tested in the Benjamin Trail NP XL725 magnum. For the .22cal, 16.2gr version, the 1000x with the .22 Hornet 16.2gr gave a low 743/19.86, High 761/20.83. AVG 753.83. Std Dev 7.55. AVG FPE 20.45. The Trail NP XL725 with the Hornet 24.38gr gave a low 741/29.73, High 755/30.86. AVG 746.83. AVG FPE 30.2! Std Dev 4.75! Now that\’s darn good! Now, this is close to what the H&N FTT\’s @ 19.91gr gave! The .25cal FTT\’s through the Trail NP XL725 gave Low 773/26.42, High 858/32.55. Std Dev N/A, AVG 812.83, AVG FPE 29.27! How about those numbers, huh?!