Filming through your optic has been a major challenge.  We’ve used several different methods and none have really done it all well.  PhoneSkope is probably the best option we’ve found for getting really high quality video though a traditional optic.  3D Night vision has been decent as a quick, affordable option to adapt your standard scope to be “night” compatible.   But all these options have their shortcomings.  Enter the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Series optic.  While the old X-Sight series was big, clunky, and had an integrated mount that seldom worked well on an airgun, the new system uses a traditional 30mm tube so ANY compatible mounts will work!  Additionally, the eye relief is like a traditional optic as well.  There’s too much more to mention here so you’ll have to watch the video and try and keep up.  Bottom line is that these new scopes are awesome!

It’s a great time to be an Airgunner!!!!

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