This one is great starter pcp for youth or small framed shooters. Compact, light and easy to operate. When I first unboxed this one, I liked it. It may be that I’ve had experience with the original Chief and a good experience it was. The difference is the Chief II has a ten-shot mag, though there is a single shot tray for those who prefer the single shot option. Before mounting my Hawke Varmint optic I’m checking it out with open sights. That way I know if there are any issues with the rifle itself. After shooting two groups I mounted my scope and shot two more. Not bad at all! Oh yes then there is the single shot tray, do you think it’ll be more accurate? I guess you’ll have to watch and see. I was pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong, I was pretty sure it wouldn’t hold a tight group at 40 yard, but it did! This lil pcp is definitely one to consider when looking for a pcp that’s inexpensive, compact, lightweight, easy to operate, accurate with sufficient small game power? The Beeman QB Chief II is definitely a good one to consider. It’s all of the above with an unexpected surprise, watch the video and see!
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