I’ve been wanting a Benjamin Armada the AR15 of Airguns in .25 Cal for a very long time.  When the opportunity came up to get one AND be able to get my .22 out to Airgun Angie I was really excited.  This .25 cal Armada is pushing the JSB Kings at just under 40 foot pounds.  That’s a lot of energy out of a very quiet airgun.  What makes the Armada so special is its ability to be customized with standard AR15 Parts like the grip and buttstock.  I added a very cool unique AR grip and a standard AR buttstock to this gun so that it felt more sturdy then the basic factory stock.  The Spectrum FFP scope is another real bonus on this package.  This setup was a joy to get in and even more of a joy down at the range.  I can’t wait to take this out into the field and see what it can do!

It’s great time to be an Airgunner!

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