There are so many different types of airguns available now, it is super important to know which one will you’re your needs to the tee. Will you be hunting? Will you be plinking? Precision shooting? Will it be at long ranges or close? What is the maximum distance you can get appropriate accuracy with it? That is one of the very reasons I do these videos, to help the consumers purchase a gun to fit their needs perfectly! In this video I will answer the question about the Gamo Urban, is it a long range or short range gun? I took it to the local Airgun Fun Shoot and was pretty impressed that I was hitting an eight inch plate at one hundred yards with it very consistently. I was recording my shots, so it was hard to tell the grouping. That made me curious, I wanted to find out what kind of groups it was getting at that range and that’s what I did. Please enjoy the video to find my conclusion!

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