The Umarex Gauntlet .25 The Baracuda Hunter Extreme VS The Grizzlies

More Pellet Testing?! With the Umarex Gauntlet .25! Join me as I test some more H&N Sport Pellets! I have the H&N Sport Barracuda Hunter Extremes VS the H&N Sport Grizzlies, These ones are in a category of their own. Both are vastly different from the other, will there be a difference in accuracy? My Gauntlets are definitely pellet picky, which ones do you think my Umarex Gauntlet .25 favors?


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Umarex Gauntlet .25:

Axeon 4-16×44 Scope

Birchwood Casey Square Shoot-N-C 8-Inch Sight-in Target, 15 Targets

H&N Sport Baracuda Hunter Extreme .25 Caliber 28.24 Grain

H&N Sport Grizzly .25 Caliber 31 Grain

Air Venturi 100 cu-in Carbon Fiber Tank

Hawke LRF 400 Range Finder

Caldwell Dead Shot Shooting Bags


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