Hill has been a name in the airgun world for a very long time.  When they introduced the Hill EC3000, I knew we would be getting something that was durable, functional, and built to be around for the long haul.  Now that I have one in house, I will tell you that I’m not at all disappointed!  The Hill EC 3000 is a 110v personal compressor that tops out at 300 bar (4350 psi).  The computer-controlled system monitors run time and prompts users to check and change oil.  It also watches temperatures and initiates an auto-cooldown when the unit reaches 75c and automatically restarts after it has cooled down to 65c.  It will continue cycling until the desired pressure is reached.  It not only fills airguns large and small, it also will fill and top off small pony bottles as well, making it the perfect personal compressor for those that want long term durability over price point.

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