Let’s take a look at the Nomad II Personal Compressor! The days of lugging a tank around are over.  Why have the expense of a tank AND a compressor when the Nomad II can BE your Tank?  If you have a couple of airguns and shoot casually, then having a tank that you have to have inspected and hydro tested and that may have a limited shelf life, why not just skit it altogether.  The Nomad II can be your air source at home and in the field.  Running off 12v or 110v, this personal compressor can top off your airgun in just a few minutes and never goes empty.   Sure there are times where a tank may be a better option, but in more and more cases, why not just Skip the Tank!

This video will demonstrate just how easy and effective it is to go direct to your airgun.  We’ll be testing and shooting the Diana Skyhawk in .25 which is a beautiful airgun with great features, great build, and a super aggressive price point!

Man it’s a great time to be an airgunner!!! 

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