What is the difference in an airgun when making power adjustments? Of course a higher and lower velocity, which also changes the foot pounds of energy, different pellets would have a different POI and shot count. In this video, I’m doing some testing to get to know my Evanix Airspeed .30! This one is a work in progress, I say that because it is a semi-auto pcp and there is a lot going on in the action of the gun. I expect the more I shoot it, the better results we’ll get! It is important to get used to a gun as far as hold and trigger pull before you can honestly know what to expect from it. I hope you will continue to join me as I continue testing with my Evanix Airspeed .30, especially before and after the hammer spring replacement! Which like I say in the video, another great thing about these Evanix Airguns is they are super simple to work on them, if I can do it, most anyone can!

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