Yet another video in my Gauntlet series.

This time we address one of the biggest gripes most users have with rifles of this configuration, the free-floating barrel and barrel shroud. When the shroud is hit or bumped while hunting the POI changes requiring the shooter to rezero the weapon.

My solution is a 3D printed component that clamps onto the air bottle and supports the barrel shroud. The bottom of the clamp also has a small section of Picatinny rail for a flashlight or pointer. Do not mount a bipod or rest of any kind on this as it will directly change your POI higher as the tank is directly connected to the barrel by the band. If the bottle is pushed up, so is the barrel.

This solution is not designed to eliminate all movement, that is impossible. Due in part because the bottle is screwed into the regulator which is then screwed into the block all of which introduce movement.

In order for me to minimize complications, I will need to know the top of the tank to the bottom of barrel shroud measurement as shown in the photo below at position A.

Please include this measurement in the note of the PayPal order.

SC2018-01-31 – 17.49.38.png

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