Yep, another Gauntlet Tutorial! This time I walk through how to adjust your Tuning Kit and I show you what you can expect from your Gauntlet when all is said and done. All the shot strings I made were using the stock 13ci bottle that comes on the Gauntlet.

The first 10 shot string was made to help illustrate how the Gauntlet performs on LOW setting using the Umarex test pellet which is the RWS Hobby 11.9gr wadcutter pellet. I think you will agree that it smokes em down range like a boss.

The next shot string was made shooting the heavier and more common Crosman 14.3gr domes. The power setting was the same but I don\’t stop at 10 shots… I think you will be amazed at what happens next.

The power adjuster was turned 2 full turns from Low to Medium, Max power would not be too far away. I think 1 additional clockwise turn more and shots would be 40 or so at high power at over 920FPS.

The Installation video for the Super Tune Kit is:

Here is a Shot string of a stock Gauntlet .22 Caliber with the Super Tune Kit Installed

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Special Thanks to Travis Whitney for all your help man.