The Beeman 1085 QBII Repeater, It’s a new airgun that needs unboxed! I love checking out new airguns, there are so many different ones available! Thank you Airgun Pro Shop! This one’s a .22 caliber but it is also available in .177. It’s a compact and tactical pellet rifle powered by two 12gram Co2 cartridges. I really like the way this one looks and feels. When I say feels, it definitely has a significant weight to it, I like that from a quality stand point. It is equipped with open sights but also has an upper rail for an optic and a lower rail for light, laser or of course a bipod to create an even more tactical look.  Let’s get this one out the box and see what it’s all about before I take it to the range and sling some lead!  #beemanairguns #airgunproshop #co2pelletgun #airguns #pelletguns #airgunweb

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