How to Post?

How to add videos to

So I know you all are going to want to know how to publish your content to Airgun Content for All. Here’s what you need to do.  But first things first, all content must be: Your own original content, airgun related (no firearms please), not slanderous or deceptive, about airgun products not persons or companies.  If you agree to these simple terms, then please follow the instructions below.

  1. Sign up on the site.  From there you can immediately post your video to the review queue.  When signing up, it’s important to make your Username what you want your channel to be.  We can’t change your username so please be careful when selecting one.
  2. When posting your video.  DO NOT UPLOAD THE ACTUAL FILE.  We don’t have the storage in place to host video files.  You need to use a Vimeo link, Daily Motion Link, or YouTube if you still have a channel. If you use YouTube, you must use the full link and not the “shortlink.” Your URL should look like thise:*********** (the *s are the 11 character designator for your video).
  3. Make sure to assign your video to the right Category.  If you are a content producer and would like your own unique “channel” then please use the contact us form to send me an email.  Make sure to provide what you want your channel to be called and I will let you know when it is done.

If you would like to have more control over your video post, i.e. create hyperlinks and have complete HTML control, then please email me via the contact us form and let me know.  I will need to adjust your privileges.

I will be creating a video tutorial as soon as practical.  Once that is done I will post it here so that everyone knows how to properly upload to the site.

Thank you for your interest in contributing on our site.