Well, thanks to a buddy on the Facebook air gun groups, I checked out the Winchester 4x32AO scope for my 160 Pellgun. Found it at Pyramid Air for $29.99, minus a honey coupon for $3 off. Has the common plex reticle though. But the parallax is adjustable down to 15ft! For mid to low power air rifles, that\’s great! Or situations where you need to focus below 30ft (10yds), pesting in barns or backyards too! And of course, the Centerpoint 4×32 on the Pellgun gets passed on to the 66AB Powermaster! Can\’t wait to put them to the test after the 160 gets the XP-Tuned Archer valve too! I\’m also trying to sell both my Caldwell Deluxe Ballistic Chronographs. They\’d work fine in another situation…just not mine. Too many extraneous light sources. $170 for both complete set-ups! Comes with IR & white LED lights, all wall worts & wiring too! And don\’t forget to like & subscribe! Music is, \” Campfire Song\” by unknown artist from Youtube free music in the Youtube video library. Thanks Youtube!