New for Airgunners this 2019 – JBS Hades, Springfield Armory from Air Venturi, and of course the new Semi-Automatic airguns from Evanix USA, all on AirgunWebTV Episode 44.  

Let’s start with the new JSB Hades pellets, available now in .22 caliber, the JSB Hades should bring even more lethality to bear for airgunners.  It’s touted as a frangible pellet that’s perfect for small and medium game. We personally can’t wait to give some a try.

Air Venturi’s been working REALLY hard to get out their new line of officially licensed Springfield Armory airguns, and the wait if finally over. With new rifles and pistols, both in steel bb and airsoft, the Air Venturi guns should make a real impact. And that’s not all. Air Venturi is also launching a great new multi-pump PCP that shoots like a precharged pneumatic, but pumps easily like a multi-pump.  It’s a fully self-contained airgun system that’s VERY affordable..

Last but certainly not at all least, we have the new line of gas actuated, semi-automatic, airguns from Evanix.  These new airguns are not semi-automatic toys, but rather honest to goodness hunting airguns with high shot count, great power output, and exceptional accuracy.  Not “exceptional” for semi-automatic airguns, just plain exceptional.

It’s a great time to be an Airgunner!!!!

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