Why Airguns? Airgun Angie & Maggie Sweet Giving More Reasons Why Airguns Are Awesome!

Why airguns? In this video I get together with a friend/co-worker Maggie Sweet and give a few more reasons why airguns. They are great for practicing and teaching gun safety. Mags and I each got our own Gun Tote’n Mama’s Purse from Airgun Pro Shop and we know that if we aren’t practiced in drawing from the purse that we most likey won’t do well if a situation came that required our response to be quick and efficient. Carrying a gun is a great responsibility and it would be wise to be practiced in responding to different scenarios.  What better way than to practice with a bb gun? We are practicing with the Colt Commander replica from Umarex, and we are having way too much fun!

Man it’s a great time to be an airgunner!!!

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